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15. The deposit shown on your quotation must be paid when you place your order. You must pay the balance of the contract price when we have finished the work to your reasonable satisfaction, unless you have signed a Credit Agreement. If your Credit Agreement is later cancelled, subject to the terms of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, the contract balance becomes immediately payable.

16. These terms and conditions are intended by us to set out the whole agreement between you and If you do not think that it does, please contact the (Tel: 0800 007 64 64).

17. Notice of Cancellation rights. We will permit you to cancel this contract by sending WRITTEN notice, to Services, Sales Aftercare,  Tel 0800 007 64 64 to be sent by RECORDED DELIVERY or REGISTERED POST, no later than seven days after the date on which the Contract has been signed. If you request cancellation at a later date, then unless we are in breach of contract, we have the right to refuse to accept such a request. However, if we allow you to cancel after the 7 day "cooling off" period, will retain all or part of your deposit as a contribution towards any losses or costs we suffer as a result of the cancellation. If you have signed a Credit Agreement which related to this purchase your cancellation rights are as set out in the terms of the Credit Agreement.
18. Use of Personal Information. Information you provide or we hold about you (whether or not under our contract (or contracts) with you) may be used by us or our agents to:(a) identify you when you contact us;
(b) help identify accounts, services and products which you could have from us from time to time (we may do this using an automatic scoring system, which uses the information you have provided, any information we hold about you and information from other agencies, including credit-reference agencies);
(c) help run, and contact you about the improved running of, any accounts, services and products we have provided before, or provide now or in the future;
(d) carry out marketing analysis and customer profiling (including with transactional information) and create statistical and testing information;
(e) help to prevent and detect fraud or loss; and
(f) contact you in any way (including mail, e-mail, phone, visit, text or multimedia message) about products and services offered by us and selected partners. We will only contact you in this way if you have previously shown your consent. We may allow other people and organisations to use information we hold about you:
(a) to provide services you have asked for;
(b) as part of the process of selling one or more of our businesses;
(c) if we have been asked to provide information for legal or regulatory purposes;
(d) as part of current or future legal proceedings. From time to time, these other people and organisations may be outside the European Economic Area in countries that do not have the same standards of protection for personal data as the UK. We may also allow your information to be used by other Group companies (including those using the,  for them to carry out any of the above purposes. We may monitor and record communications with you (including phone conversations and e-mails) for quality assurance and to make sure that we are meeting our legal and regulatory requirements. We may check your details with one or more licensed credit reference and fraud-prevention agencies. We and they may keep a record of this search and the payment details from your account, and share it with other organisations. If a person provides false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud, this is also recorded. This information may be used by us, and other organisations may search these records to:
(a) help make decisions about credit and credit-related services for you and members of your household;
(b) help make decisions on motor, household, credit, life and other insurance proposals and insurance claims for you and members of your household;
(c) trace debtors, recover debt, prevent fraud, and manage your accounts or insurance policies;
(d) check your identity to prevent money laundering, unless you give us other satisfactory proof of your identity; and
(e) carry out statistical analysis about credit, insurance and fraud. We, and other credit and insurance organisations, may also use technology to detect and prevent fraud. If you need details of those credit agencies and fraud prevention agencies from which we get, and with which we record, information about you, please write to our Data Protection Manager,, xxxxxxx. If you give us information on behalf of someone else, you confirm that you have given them the information set out in this document, and that they have not objected to their personal information being used in the way described in it. If you give us sensitive information about yourself or others (such as health details or details of any criminal convictions of members of your household), you agree (and confirm that the relevant subject of the information has agreed) to us processing this information in the way set out in this document. If you are making a joint application or you have told us about some other financial association with someone else, a financial association' between you and that other person (or people) will be made at credit-reference agencies. This will link your financial records with that other person (or people) so that both (or all) your records will be taken into account in all future applications by either or both (or all) of you. This will continue until one of you successfully files a notice with the credit-reference agencies asking that you are no longer financially associated with that person.

19. We may pass your address, property and postcode information along with details of your gas appliances, flue, hot water cylinder, system controls and electrical installations, including details of any repairs, removals, to competent person scheme operators and other appropriate organisations including "CORGI" (Council of Registered Gas Installers) and the "ECA", (Electrical Contractors Association) who may pass this information to local authorities in order to comply with Building Regulations. They may also use this information to contact you in order to carry out appliance or system inspections, product recall, auditing and for health and safety purposes. Where appropriate Building Regulations compliance certificates may be passed to the property owner. Engineers Engineers are employed to undertake servicing and repair work to ensure the safe and efficient operation of domestic appliances. They have a duty of care to give good services from in the interest of safety, efficiency or economy. The engineers are paid an annual salary but can also earn an extra payment linked to number of factors including additional products/services purchased by customers.