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Are all Installers the same?-

First of all make sure your Installer is Gas Safe Registered and has been installing boilers for a number of years.  Often we find they have not been installer trained in the traditional apprentice skills of pipe work installation. Remember just because they have passed their gas safety course it does not mean they are good.  They could  have been before  a Plumber fitting toilets the week before and never fitted a boiler!.  Sometimes they will call themselves “specialists” when they have very little experience of the  Boiler installation business.

Also, avoid plumbers that do everything from kitchens, roofs, bathrooms and your outside tap. They usually turn up in a battered old van and recommend low quality boilers to get the the job on price. Choose a company that specialises in the Installation, service and repair of boilers so you get a professional service

The second important aspect is that they are safe to work in your property and have the correct qualifications.  This also extends to the need for Public Liability Insurance which means if anything goes wrong then you are properly covered by insurance.

Beware of websites that do not have addresses of the business or correct email address that you can contact them before the job takes place.  Also make sure there is a land line number and not just a mobile phone number that can be here today but gone tomorrow.   


Also important is do they advertise in the Yellow Pages.  Yellow Pages ask for a good credit record and confirmation you are the company you say you are.  In particular they check if the company is Gas Safe Registered.

Another good sign is do they take Credit Cards as payment.  This is important because in order to do this they will have provided good references and financial standing to be authorised to have a Credit Card bank account.

Beware of any installer who asks for money up front.  Do not pay over any money until the job is finished.  Good installers do not ask for this or pressure you to sign a sale agreement to get “the Discount today only” deals.

Finally, beware of web sites that pretend to know all the “inside” tricks of the trade.  Often they are amateurs with little knowledge of the industry and try to make money from adverts running from their web sites.  This is also true on many of the so called Do it Yourself forums that contributors pretend they have the answer to you problem.  The simple way to get good advise is to get recommendations or contact Gas Safe for a registered installer.


worcester bosch central heating manchester

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